Armeo therapy

Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Armeo®Spring is used to improve hand movement in patients whose functional capacity has been reduced for a variety of reasons, such as damage to the Central Nervous System (e.g. stroke), spinal cord injury, upper limb musculoskeletal disorders.

It is a therapeutic tool providing the affected upper limb with the appropriate support, so that assisted and personalised kinesiotherapy can be conducted, focusing on the joints and muscle groups that need therapeutic intervention.

The therapist sets functional treatment goals, depending on the motor and perceptual skills of each patient and selects the level of difficulty of the game that the patient will perform. This process improves muscular strength and the range of movement of the affected upper limb.

By providing weight support to the affected limb, Armeo®Spring encourages patients to achieve a higher number of movements than in conventional kinesiotherapy, and maximum recovery in the shortest possible time.

An extensive library of game-like exercises has been designed to train core movement patterns that are used in activities of everyday living…

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