The Epilepsy center


The epilepsy center of Thessaloniki is a specialized center of the health system. The center is supported by the Neurological, Neurosurgical and Radiology departments of St.Luke’s Hospital in Panorama of Thessaloniki. Cutting-edge technology for diagnosis, drug-treatment and neurosurgical approaches, are used in order to achieve the optimal seizure control for patients and improve the quality of life of adults and children suffering from epilepsy.

The objectives of a specialized epilepsy center are
  • To provide a data-based evaluation towards a reliable diagnosis
  • To determine individualized drug-management schemes for each patient
  • To inform parents and relatives of patients regarding the particularities of each condition
  • To indicate the potential candidates for epilepsy surgery
  • To perform the pre-surgical evaluation in candidate patients
  • To perform epilepsy surgery in successful candidates
  • To monitor and manage the patients post-surgically
The epilepsy treatment program includes
  • 24-hour video-electroencephalography monitoring (video-EEG)
  • Specialized neuroimaging techniques, including high resolution structural imaging (MRI), functional imaging (fMRI), tractography (DTI) and combined electroencephalography with functional imaging (EEG-fMRI)
  • Neuropsychological evaluation of the patient’s cognitive abilities in view of epilepsy surgery
  • Experienced neurosurgical team specialized in epilepsy surgery
  • The potential to perform chronic and acute electrocorticography (ECoG), as well as electrical cortical stimulation (CES), for detailed identification of the epileptogenic zone as well as its surrounding eloquent areas
  • Surgical planning by navigation (Neuronavigation) based on typical MRI as well as functional neuroimaging data

The scientific and clinically multidisciplinary approach of the epilepsy program aims in providing the patient with the outmost of modern medical knowledge following internationally approved procedures in the epilepsy treatment field.

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