Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is a special complex of therapeutic and physical activities, the main task of which is the maximal restoration of lost functions by a person.
Sports rehabilitation is primarily aimed at resuming sports activities for people involved in professional and amateur sports after injuries and illnesses, as well as returning them to a full life. Athletes, unlike ordinary people, must not only eliminate certain health problems, but also be fully prepared for strong physical exercise in the future.
As a rule, sports rehabilitation involves treatment after such problems in athletes:
– head injuries (concussions, fractures, internal hematomas);
– injuries of the spine, upper and lower extremities, muscles;
– arthrosis, arthritis, radiculitis and neuralgia;
– Injuries to the muscles of the abdomen and groin.
Additionally, each sport has its own “professional” chronic and acute diseases. For example, football players quite often experience arthritis, knee injuries, back pain, craniocerebral injuries, whereas in tennis players the most common injuries are in the elbow and shoulder joints. Such health problems in athletes are subject to immediate certified rehabilitation.

Reasons for sports rehabilitation
Sports rehabilitation is necessary for people who are involved in any form of sports activities and have received such injuries or diseases like:
• Injuries of large joints, tendons, ligaments, muscle tears
• Bruises and fractures of the chest, upper and lower extremities, and spine
• Trauma to internal organs
• Pain and limited mobility due to previous injuries
• Surgical intervention
• Sports asymmetries
• Reduced performance

Classification of sports rehab

Sports rehab includes several areas, therefore, depending on the athlete’s age, their state of health and the type of injury or disease, a program is determined for their further recovery. As a rule, such rehabilitation implies combinatorial treatment, thus, it includes the following areas:

– conservative treatment;
– medical treatment;
– physical therapy;
– psychotherapy;
– hydrotherapy;
– electroprocedures;
– computer stimulation;
– physiotherapy;
– pedagogical methods of rehabilitation of athletes aimed at restoring professional activity.

Therapies that may be included:
• Physical therapy using classical and modern methods such as Mackenzie, Mulligan Concept, PNF method, remedial gymnastics, kinesitherapy, kinesio taping, method, etc
• Hydrotherapy (therapeutic pool, AQUA-PNF method, hydrotherapy massage with a jet of water, special lift for people with disabilities)
• Ergotherapy using classical methods and modern devices such as Hocoma, Armeo spring, Nirvana, etc
• Psychological, neuropsychological and cognitive counseling (additional payment)
• Retraining of cognitive functions, social adaptation, learning the skills of everyday life
• Use of modern rehabilitation complexes and devices: Exoskeleton, Lokomat, Armeo, Nirvana, Biodex, Snoezelen and many other modern devices
• Use of gyms (1 hour/day)
• Use of an accessible sports center.

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