Nephrology Chronic Dialysis Thessaloniki

Nephrology Dialysis Thessaloniki

Pleasant environment

From the very first glance the Thessaloniki Nephrology clinic transmits the genuineness and high quality of the assistance and services offered. When the visitor sets foot inside the unit’s spacious facilities he is enveloped by warmth, friendliness and humanity. The state-of-the-art, newly-built, luxurious building surpasses every expectation, meeting and exceeding all quality, safety and hygiene standards. The innovative architecture, the welcoming and at the same time impressive décor, all combine to create a beautiful, clean and attractive environment.

People-friendly spaces

A visit to our clinic does not end merely with the dialysis procedure. Specially laid-out areas are available such as the unit’s cafeteria and comfortable lounges. The receptionists show visitors there with the aim of making them feel comfortable in a truly people-oriented space, which is every bit as fine as the equivalent hotel facilities. Furthermore, the good mood of the patients, relatives and friends is a determining factor.

Comprehensive care

The structure of the centre and, above all, the people-oriented staff have one sole aim – to provide all types of services to visitors with special care and attention.

Nephrology Chronic Dialysis Thessaloniki

  • – Dialysis session (approx. 4 hours)
  • – Gambro AK 200 S and AK 200 ULTRA S dialysis machines
  • – High and low flux dialyzer filters.
  • – Dialyzer solutions with bicarbonate (Bi-bag)
  • – Presence of nephrologist during treatment
  • – Snack, coffee, tea

Not included:

  • – Transfers
  • – EPO


The capacity of the center – up to 320 people a day.

Digital TV, including DVD and headphones are provided together with a daily newspaper on request, magazines and a book-swapping facility. Free Wireless Internet connection is also available.

There are Ladies, Gents and Disabled toilets available.

Types of hemodialysis
  • HD bicarbonate
  • Haemodiafiltration HDF
  • Single-needle dialysis (Single Needle)
Dialysis machines

Swedish equipment GAMBRO

  • AK200S (HD)
Dialysis Sessions
  • 3 sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:7-11 am, 11am-3pm, 3pm-7pm
  • 2 sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays:7-11 am, 11am-3pm
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