Logotherapy or Speech therapy


Treatment of Communication Disorders and Dysphagia

Since 2005, a group of experienced and certified speech therapists have been in charge of the ANAGENNISI Department of Communication and Swallowing Rehabilitation for patients with sudden disorders caused by a stroke, or traumatic brain injury caused by an accident, or progressive neurological disorders, such as the ones associated with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Speech therapy:

  • treats receptive language disorders (understanding and processing what others say)
  • improves communication and social interaction
  • treats phonological disorders and dysarthria (articulation disorders)
  • helps the development of non-verbal communication through the use of gestures, alternative speech programs and devices
  • retrain the swallowing mechanism.

Collaboration with patients includes obtaining a detailed medical record either through themselves or their caregiver
communication and swallowing skills, mainly in neurological cases.

Once the diagnosis is complete, the speech therapist evaluates whether therapeutic intervention is necessary and sets the rehabilitation treatment goals.
Both the evaluation and the therapeutic intervention are performed in collaboration with the chief rehabilitation doctors.


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