Breast tumors

Breast tumors

The Breast Clinic uses state-of-the-art systems that are regulated and evaluated by experienced scientists from various fields and specialties. Also, the Clinic offers a complete diagnostic package in a single visit, which includes the following:

• Clinical examination
• Imaging test (digital mammogram, breast ultrasound)
• Diagnosis (Fine Needle Aspiration, core biopsy)
• Written report

Early diagnosis and correct treatment of breast problems requires a well-organized & specialized unit, made up of doctors of various specialties. The Breast Clinic of St Luke’s Hospital meets all the requirements, consisting of specialized doctors and experienced staff of all the specialties involved.

Departments and specializations

Radiology Department

Capable of performing all imaging and interventional needs, the Radiology Department is the foundation of the specialist team.
Descriptive methods
The Radiology Department has a modern digital mammogram, with the possibility of 3D Digital Mammography (Tomosynthesis). According to the Hospital’s experts,
“With 3D Tomosynthesis, imaging of the breast is done with greater precision, higher sensitivity and lower radiation doses.”
There is also the possibility of a Breast MRI or X-ray, where the check can be completed with other tests that sometimes accompany the breast check. Finally, the two new ultrasound machines serve a large number of women every day, who come either for a preventive check-up or to investigate some lump.
Interventional methods

There is also the possibility of performing interventional actions, such as:
  •  Biopsy with a fine needle (FNA)
  • Core Biopsy
  • Preoperative marking of a non-palpable nodule with a kopans wire guide\
  • Placement of markers in preoperative chemotherapy
  • Lymph node biopsy
Breast Surgeons
Breast Surgeons are surgeons who deal exclusively and specifically with the breast. These specialists can follow a woman in the context of the regular, annual check-up, but also in the event that there is a finding, so that they can intervene surgically.
Modern surgical treatment
With the help of the Breast Surgeons, all modern and worldwide patented methods of dealing with benign and malignant tumours are applied, such as Intraoperative Fluorescence Imaging for Sentinel Lymph Node Detection, a new international technique, which is also applied in our hospital.

Use of oncoplastic techniques

The use of Oncoplastic Techniques, with or without the participation of a plastic surgeon, is applied at will, so that the correct oncological result is combined with a satisfactory aesthetic result, contributing to the better psychology of the patient, and therefore to a faster and better recovery.

Pathological Oncology Department

Excellent in approach and experienced oncologists, they help patients who are about to undergo chemotherapy, providing the appropriate drugs that the international pharmaceutical quiver has. The staff of the Department, with their special sensitivity and experience, makes sure that the short stay of the patients in the department is as pleasant and calm as possible.

Radiotherapy Department – Department of Nuclear Medicine

In view of the creation of a separate building for the Radiation Therapy Department and the Nuclear Medicine Department, there is excellent cooperation with external partners.

Department of Pathology

Without the experienced pathologists of the hospital, the work of the rest would be very difficult. The Pathology Department actively and directly participates in the treatment of patients, usually determining the continuity of their treatment and offering:
• Quick correspondence and interpretation of results
• Possibility of rapid biopsy
• Performance of all necessary tests.

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