Children surgery

Extensive experience of our Doctors from reference centers in Greece and abroad sets them apart and allows them to surgically cover diseases from which premature or full-term newborns may suffer, as well as infants and children of all ages up to adolescence.

The excellent and modern technological equipment of the hospital allows endoscopic interventions (posterior urethral valves, diagnostic and therapeutic cystoscopies, injection of special substances to control vesicoureteral reflux), as well as laparoscopic techniques (appendectomy, inguinal hernias, intra-abdominal testicles, cystic and solid lumps of the abdomen).
Advanced techniques

More than 300 pediatric surgeries are performed annually in our hospital. In most of them, the sophisticated endoscopic, laparoscopic and minimally surgical techniques allow us to minimize the morbidity of small patients on the one hand and to limit their hospitalization on the other, either to one or a few days.
What is pediatric surgery?
Pediatric surgery is not just surgery for children. It is a complex specialty that deals with a variety of cases in the ages 0-18. The Pediatric Surgery Department of St Luke’s Hospital ensures that each child receives unique care, covering a large range of general pediatric surgery, as well as pediatric urology.
Department and HR

Both the medical and nursing staff are retrained and always ready to welcome all children, making them feel comfortable, even in their difficult moments.
Philosophy of the Pediatric Surgery Department

On a daily basis, St Luke’s Hospital welcomes a sufficient number of small patients with major and minor injuries for a thorough examination, immediate treatment, and hospitalization if required. For every child who comes for help, our philosophy is an immediate personalized response, with respect for the sufferer and their whole family.

What makes the Department of Pediatric Surgery stand out?

The Pediatric Surgery Department of St Luke’s Hospital is the only private center outside of Athens that successfully practices:
• Pediatric surgical oncology (neuroblastoma, nephroblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma)
• The surgical treatment of rectal anomalies
In addition, obstructive uropathies, both at the level of the kidney and at the level of the bladder, are treated endoscopically or with minimally invasive surgical techniques.
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