Minimally Invasive surgery

Surgery – this is a huge stress for our body. The main objective of any surgical intervention – to cure disease and cause minimum damage to the body.
Minimally invasive surgery is precisely perform this task, such a surgery is also called “bloodless” because it allows for intervention by the minimum damage of organs and tissues. The surgeon gains access to the body of the operative through the “puncture” without opening the cavity tissue. In minimally invasive surgery a surgeon makes a small incision in the skin of a patient just a few millimeters long. Through one of the incisions inserted an endoscope (a long, thin tube with a tiny camera). The surgeon sees the image from the camera to the monitor and performs the necessary manipulation by micro special tools.

In Greece minimally invasive surgery is one of the main methods of surgery, it is used for treatment of diseases, and for over an accurate diagnosis. The surgery is performed with the use of modern materials and minimally invasive laparoscopic, endoscopic method.
This technique allows a more accurate and detailed view of the operable section by repeatedly increasing the image transmitted from the camera, causing minimal damage to tissues and organs, reducing blood loss and avoiding postoperative complications or scars. All this leads to an early recovery of the patient, reduces the duration of his stay in hospital, therefore, the patient can quickly return to the familiar life!

Specialists of the Medical Treatment Team GMTP are happy to help you to organize your treatment and diagnosis in Greek clinics. With us you will get all sorts of help and support, including: the selection of a particular specialist and clinic transfer of medical records, assistance in obtaining an entry visa, treatment organization, interpreters, accommodation not only in hospitals but also in comfortable apartments by the sea, and more more.

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