Totlis Tryfon

Totlis Tryfon

Orthopedic surgeon

Tryfon Totlis is an orthopedic surgeon and associate professor at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since 2007, he has been teaching at the Faculty of Medicine at Aristotle University. Additionally, since 2017, he has been teaching in the master’s program at the same university, focusing on the topics of “Sport and Health” and “Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells.”

As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Totlis is a member of the team at TheMIS Orthopedic Center in Thessaloniki. The team at TheMIS Orthopedic Center, in collaboration with the AGIOS LOUKAS clinic in Thessaloniki, annually performs more than 500 arthroscopic and arthroplasty interventions using biological methods of regenerative medicine.

Dr. Totlis himself played basketball for many years, shaping his philosophy of “movement + functionality” = “quality of life.”

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly growing branch of medicine, with the development of new treatments not only in orthopedics but in all medical specialties. It is based on stem cells and plasma platelet growth factors. In regenerative medicine treatment, an injured part of the body, whether due to a degenerative disease or injury, is healed by stimulating the process of self-healing. The Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine Clinic, using modern medical developments, aims to treat orthopedic diseases and injuries without surgical intervention.

The main advantage of these treatments is that they are biological and not drugs, making them the safest available. They are also aimed not only at eliminating symptoms but also at enhancing the body’s ability to heal. Thus, they provide a side-effect-free alternative to speed up the healing of affected tissue and, in many cases, avoid future surgery.

Dr. Totlis’s mission is to closely monitor the international development of science so that, by applying innovative treatments, he can keep people active with the least possible discomfort and the highest possible functionality. Achieving pain-free movement and functionality restores the quality of life for patients. His goal is to actively work towards a time when more and more people will be able to avoid surgery and find a solution to their problems through regenerative medicine and stem cells.

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