Cerebral Palsy


What is CP ?

Cerebral palsy (CP) – is a group of neurological disorders that occur because of brain structures damage to a child during pregnancy in the first weeks of life. Compulsory clinical component are motor disorders, speech and mental disorders, epileptic seizures and disturbances of the emotional-volitional sphere.
Treatment methods:
  • Bobath therapy: a recognized type of therapy for patients with congenital malformations of the brain and other central nervous system diseases.
  • Physiotherapy: improves the health and mental state of the patient. Its positive results greatly affect the success of rehabilitation in various diseases. Exercises contribute to strengthening muscles, building the endurance of the body, intensifying blood circulation, improving respiratory and cardiac functions and stabilizing the balance.
  • Kinesiotherapy: an effective form of physiotherapy, in which a specific therapeutic result is achieved by means of special physical exercises. In other words, kinesiotherapy – is the treatment by active and passive movements, therapeutic gymnastics.
  • Hydrotherapy: part of physiotherapy, in which water is used water is used for treatment. The physical properties of hydrotherapy are hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy, thermal conductivity and heat capacity.
  • Speech therapy: department of communication and swallowing disorders deals with the diagnosis and rehabilitation ofthe communication functions violations (tongue function, speech improvement), swallowing from childhood to the elderly years.
  • Occupational therapy
  • Medications to reduce muscle tone
  • Snoezelen (sensory room): specially equipped space, organized to make everyone in it feel full of peace, comfort and safety, regardless of age and health.
  • Paraffin therapy: paraffin mass applied to a selected area, stimulates a gradual increase in body temperature. There are various methods of paraffin therapy: layering, paraffin bath, cuvette-applique.
    Layering- melted paraffin at temperature 55-65 ° C is applied to the corresponding surface of the skin with a flat paint brush 1-2 cm thick. Then the part of the body exposed to paraffin is covered with oilcloth or wax paper and wrapped with a blanket or special coat.
    Paraffin bath–a wrist or foot is first coated with paraffin at temperature of 50-55 ° C and then dipped in a vessel, filled with melted paraffin at temperature of 60-65 ° C. To enhance the effect, thermos gloves and thermo boots are used.
    Cuvette-applique- melted paraffin is poured into the cuvettes, lined with medical oilcloth. Frozen, but still soft paraffin, is removed from the cuvette with the oilcloth and imposedonthe exposed part of the body, and then covered with a blanket or thermo blanket.
  • BTS Nirvana: an outstanding therapeutic method. Rehabilitation activities, featuring audio-visual Incentives(more than 160 exercises), provoke in patients perceptual and cognitive involvement and are very motivational, help develop motor skills, restore coordination and maintain balance.
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