Detox and Weight Loss Vacation


We live in a world filled with chemicals. They are in our water, in our air, and in nearly everything we touch. Too many of us bathe and shampoo with products laced with chemicals, then use chemical laden products to shave, to smell good, to soften our skin, to treat our blemishes, and more. Our skin soaks up these chemicals every day.

We pick up parasites from our food and our surroundings that take up residence in our bodies. Our bodies store mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

All of these foreign materials tax our body’s resources and interfere with optimum health. To protect ourselves from illness and maintain our youth, energy and appearance for many years, we need to get rid of this toxic load. By achieving this, we discover a great part of the secret of youth.

Many toxins are stored in the fat. As they are released into our bloodstream, our bodies deal with a new burden. Therefore, we must give the body a lot of fluids to help it dispose of these toxins. Spring water with lemon juice, cranberry juice, and cayenne powder sipped throughout the day is an excellent addition to your cleanse.

Hot and cold hydrotherapy gets the blood throughout the tissues. This simple, age old therapy is a huge aid to the body during detoxification. And last, but not least, we must get the lymph moving and cleaned out. Movement is a necessity, but you should take it easy during a detox and restrict your exercise to walking and rebounding. Both will help your lymph move. A lymphatic massage will also be a great aid.

Detoxing a minimum of twice a year is suggested. Whether you embark n a 3-day cleanse or go all out and cleanse for 2 weeks, your body will be grateful.

Weight gain, overeating, large appetite, Digestion problems like constipation, bloating and gas, Body maintenance and cleansing, Low energy and fatigue, Poor immune system, getting ill frequently, Unhealthy lifestyle, Excessive stress – are just some of conditions detox improve.


  • 2 Live Blood Analyses
  • 1 Scrub & Foam Massage
  • 2 Massage Therapies 
  • 1 Electro Lymphatic Therapy
  • 1 Colon Hydro Therapy
  • 1 Ozone Therapy
  • 2 Sodium Inhaler Therapies
  • 1 General Facial Treatment
  • 2 Live Blood Analyses
  • 1 Turkish Scrub & Foam Massage
  • 5 Massage Therapies 
  • 1 Electro Lymphatic Therapy
  •  1 Matrix Rhythm Therapy
  • 2 Colon Hydro Therapies
  •  3 Ozone Therapies
  •  5 CRYO Cabin Sessions (cold sauna)
  • 7 Sodium Inhaler Therapies
  • 1 General Facial Treatment
  • 1 Body Treatment
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