In November 2015, 63-year-old Lyudmila came to Thessaloniki from Finland to undergo a full examination because of long-term problems of pyrosis, stomach ache, swallowing difficulties, nausea and dysphagia. Endoscopy of the esophagus and stomach, made by gastroenterologist of St.Luke’s Clinic Athanasios Fovos, indicated a diaphragmatic hernia of 4 centimetres in the esophageal orifice, esophageal ulcers, Barrett’s syndrome and mild gastritis in the antral. The doctor recommended a laparoscopic fundoplication.
In December, general surgeon Emmanuil Zaharakis carried out an operation on Lyudmila: a laparoscopic fundoplication of the diaphragmatic hernia using the NISSEN method. The operation was successful.

The patient was checked out of the clinic the very next day. All the pain in the stomach area had disappeared.
Also, Lyudmila suffered from Ménière’s syndrome and some concomitant diagnsoses like systematic dizziness, nausea and progressive hearing loss. Audiometry showed a hearing loss to 60 Db. Conservative treatment didn’t help Lyudmila. Otorhinolaryngologist Ioannis Konstantinidis made her three gentamicin applications. The patient was very happy with the results of her treatment and travelled back home.

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