7600 €


The Package Includes the Following:

  1. 1-month (30 days) accommodation and treatment at rehabilitation center in a double room on full board basis (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  2. Nursing & doctors’ assistance including personal support for medical and non-medical needs (such as dependent patient feeding, showering, diaper changing, changing position of the patient during day and night, catheterization, etc.) 24/7.
  3. Consultation of rehabilitation doctor.
  4. Blood test – WBC (white blood cell), RBC (red blood cell), HGB (hemoglobin), HCT (hematocrit), Platelets, MCV (average volume of red cells), MCH (average amount of hemoglobin per red blood cell), MCHC (average concentration of hemoglobin in red blood cell).
  5. Cardiac check-up (cardiologist consultation, electrocardiogram, heart Ultrasound).
  6. Individual plan of treatment course according to recommendations by our doctors.
  7. Individual plan of nutrition according to recommendations by nutrition dietologist.
  8. Individual therapies using classic and modern methods which correspond to the needs and abilities of the patient (3 hours daily).
  9. Therapies may include:
    • Physiotherapy using classic and modern methods such as Bobath (Baby-bobath), Makenzie, Mulligan concept, PNF method, gymnastics, kinesiotherapy, kinesio taping method, CI method for children etc.
    • Hydrotherapy (therapeutic pool, AQUA-PNF method, hydrotherapeutic water stream massage, pool lift for persons with special needs).
    • Occupational therapy (Ergo therapy) using classic and modern methods and modern devices such as Hocoma Armeo spring, Nirvana etc.
    • Speech (Logo therapy) and swallowing therapy.
    • Psychological, neuropsychological and cognitive training.
    • Retraining cognitive functions, social services, ADL (activities of daily living).
    • Usage of Eksoskeleton and Lokomat, Armeo, Nirvana, Biodex and Snoezelen & many other modern devices.
  1. Usage of accessible sports’ center.
  2. Usage of gyms.
  3. Group therapies (1-2 times per week) in drawing, knitting, modeling and ceramics, crafts, music, cooking, aesthetics and beauty.
  4. Assistance at the airport.
  5. Transfer on arrival and departure by car or ambulance.


 Extra charge for GMTP services 600€ per month:

  1. We help you in choosing the best doctor/clinic/rehab center for your case.
  2. Medical documents’ translations before, during and after your treatment.
  3. Arranging appointments with the doctors and for other medical exams, such as MRI, CT, blood tests, etc.
  4. Interpreter during doctor’s consultation and therapies.
  5. Assistance and translation during urgent situations in the hospital for necessary communication between patient and doctor.
  6. Professional control of medical services by communication with the doctor in charge and other specialists.
  7. Assistance in buying medications.
  8. Arranging transfers and taxi services (the cost of the transfer/services not included)
  9. 24/7 assistance and translation on the phone.
  10. Assistance upon arrival, including help in shopping from the supermarket, internet connection and buying a SIM card.



  1. Accommodation of 1 companion in the same room with the patient, 60€/day on full board basis (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  2. Intensive Care Unit charge.
  3. Medical materials and amenities.
  4. Medications while staying in the center.
  5. Blood and laboratory tests, MRI, CT, X-RAY and other exams.
  6. Outsourced doctors’ consultations or follow up (such as orthopedic surgeon, urologist, cardiologist, dermatologist etc.) at extra charge. Ask us for exact cost before booking appointment.
  7. Scheduled or emergency patient’s transfer by car or ambulance.


Important notes:

  1. Please sign a contract with our company before you start treatment course.
  2. The price of the package is fixed and non-changeable even if the patient does not need any of the included services, the price cannot be reduced.
  3. No therapies performed during weekends and public holidays in Greece.
  4. We do not recommend you lose therapies because lost therapies are non-refundable, even if the patient is sick not able attend the therapy.
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