Spa Vacation


The term ‘Spa’ is derived from the Latin phrase “Salus per Aquam”, which means health by water. In ancient time people used to travel to hot or cold springs in hope of effecting cure for some illness. In modern times it is still being practiced and followed by many people both for recreational and medical reasons.

In a healthy and aesthetically beautiful, natural environment each visitor can enjoy wonderful vacation and take care of his health while spending some quality time in various wellness related activities.

This wellness and well-being oriented kind of tourism motivate more and more travelers every year towards improving or maintaining their health and quality of life while focusing on prevention.

Greece is one of the most polular destinations in Europe when it comes to Therapeutic Tourism because of the several thermal baths and mineral springs available all over the country.

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GMTP is one of the most trusted medical tourism company in Russia and Europe. Our mission is to help patients find the right diagnosis and to deliver medical tourism services based on a commitment of patient safety and exceptional services quality at affordable prices.




GMTP organizes conferences, courses, seminars for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other specialists of the medical field in Greece and all over Europe.


GMTP's marketing department aims to help doctors, clinics, rehabilitation centers and medical service providers promote their services in Greece and globally. 


GMTP offers financial support to those patients who are in straitened circumstances to get their medical treatment free of charge or with a substantial discount.