Thalasso- therapy is a form of health treatment, during which, sea water or also other natural resources are used for mainly therapeutic reasons. It is indicated for:

  • Ailments of the cardiovascular system
  • Ailments of the respiratory system
  • Skin ailments
  • Musculoskeletal ailments
  • Rheumatisms e.t.c.

In recent years, thallaso – therapeutic centres integrated in luxurious hotels, operate in the country. The basic principal of thallaso – therapy is the heating of the sea water until it reaches a temperature of 35 – 37o C. The necessary prerequisite of a thallaso – therapy centre is that the facility is located near the sea and that the water is pumped out from a distance of at least 400 meters from the shore and from a depth of 2, 5 meters. Under no circumstances, is it possible to apply thallaso – therapy in centres that are not located near the sea!

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